We're not a luxury travel company in the traditional sense...

...but we also like to think we're redefining luxury in a time when we're constantly plugged in

but rarely connected.

We believe

That smart travelers like you are tired of being underestimated.

You don’t travel just to check in on social media.


Or to snag that Instagram-worthy shot of yourself in front of the Greek Theatre with your selfie stick.


(Although we won’t judge you for doing either of those.)

You want to experience places like the locals do, and that means:


Enjoying your morning caffe corretto (espresso with grappa)

at the bar while you pretend to read the Italian newspaper

Drinking most of a bottle of wine at your three hour lunch

Walking the corso with a gelato that’s dripping down the cone

Starting your dinner at 9:00pm.

You don’t want the package deal. You're looking for the real deal.

And that's exactly what we are.



If Italy’s regions were each defined by an 80s hair band song,

Sicily’s would be Welcome to the Jungle.

She’s the wild side of Il Bel Paese, and we think the two of you will get along famously.


But let us tell you why:


Is the raw and uncut version of Italy


Is heart-achingly beautiful

Can scratch your ancient-history itch

Is where you go to learn il dolce far niente from the masters (that means the sweet art of doing nothing)

Has fabulous cuisine - rustic, simple, and divinely delicious. No pretense here.

Has yet to be thronged by the fanny-pack bus-tour set

Will steal your heart and call you back long after you’ve left. Trust us, we should know.



Hi, I'm Sarah Cate - perpetual dreamer, lover of all things Sicilian (especially my Sicilian husband), singer, gelato enthusiast, and founder of Sicily South.


Don’t let my red hair and blue eyes fool you. My blood may say American, but my soul is all Italian.

To put your mind at ease up front, I’ll let you know now that I:

Am fluent in Italian

Have lived and traveled extensively in Italy at various times over the past 10+ years


Am married to a real, live Sicilian

Exhibit A.

These two handsome devils are the loves of my life.

The one who looks like he should be making you an "offer you can't refuse" is Benedetto (Benny). 

He's our resident native Sicilian, food & wine enthusiast, and secret weapon. He literally speaks the Sicilians' language (dialect) which is why we're able to create the amazing off-the-beaten-path experiences we're known for. 

And his love of Sicilian food and wine knows no bounds. Trust me when I tell you: he's the one you want planning our menus.

That sweet bambino is our boy Enzo (my fair-skin, blue-eyed genes inexplicably won out). He's been stealing hearts and getting his cheeks pinched on our trips since 2018.

"If you’re looking for someone who’s truly invested in you and your experience, someone who can create a one-of-a-kind, “trip of a lifetime” kind of trip for you - you're in the right place."

Because we believe that what defines a trip of a lifetime isn’t how many cities you visit or how many monuments you see.


We think a trip of a lifetime is defined in mid-morning trips to the corner bakery for a pizza bianca fix, in joining in an impromptu afternoon card game with the locals, or in leaning back in your chair at the dinner table and realizing that you’re already sitting at the table where everyone else in the restaurant wants to be.

Here's a baby Sarah Cate (16) contemplating the ancient Greek surroundings in Paestum while studying with School Year Abroad. To start reading the epic tale of how I ended up falling in love with Italy (and an Italian), click here.