We know we shouldn't pick favorites

but Palermo is definitely our favorite Sicilian city. Sure, it can be loud, gritty and chaotic, but it’s also got strength, beauty, and flavor that we just can’t get enough of.

The why. I’ll never forget the first time I tasted an arancina (or arancino depending which side of Sicily you ask) - crispy on the outside, rich and filling on the inside. An entire meal in convenient portable form. Pure genius.

Or the first time I tasted pistachio gelato that was made with real pistachios. A little muddy in color - not the shocking green I had seen elsewhere - but only because it was 100% natural… and, of course, 100% delicious.

Palermo is one of the tastiest cities in Italy. From fine dining, to a street food tradition so rich it could probably buy its own tiny island, Palermo takes its fresh ingredients and crafts them into beautiful pastas, pizzas, pasticceria, and rosticceria. Don’t know what some of those words are? Stick with us and you will.

The benefits. You’ll get the benefit of traveling with people who speak Italian and know Sicily. Plus, we’ve planned everything for you. All you need to do is find yourself in Palermo on October 18th and we’ll take it from there (for the next 5 nights).

We’re putting our personal connections to work to make your fantasy, dolce vita Sicilian fantasy come true. From executive chefs to vineyard owners, our friends will make your experience a truly unforgettable one.

The bonus. Keep the memories of your Sicilian adventure alive forever. Book your trip before the end of February and we’ll treat you to a mini photo shoot with a professional photographer during our trip in one of the most beautiful locations in the city!


Where we're going and what we'll do there


Join us for a trip where you only have one job: to eat. Our home base is Palermo, where we’ll stay in a centrally-located, beautifully renovated 16th century palazzo, close to everything worth eating. 

This is a unique trip, open only to 8 guests. We keep the group small so we can give an authentic glimpse into everyday Sicilian life.

day  1

day  2

day  3

day  4

day  5

day  6

Get your behind to Palermo and we’ll pick you up from the airport and make our way to our stylish downtown digs. We’ll start our welcome evening with fabulous aperitivo at a local, historical champagne bar. Tonight we pack it in early so you and your full belly can drift off for a full night’s sleep. Tomorrow we’ll do the city.

We’ll let you sleep in to get over that jetlag, but then we’re off on a private walking tour of Palermo to get acquainted with her historically diverse monuments and churches, and wildly colorful fresh markets. Our tour wraps up in the early afternoon in time for lunch on your own. We’ll meet back up in the early evening to embark upon a special street food tour in the middle of some of the city’s best nightlife.

Today we start by teaching you exactly what “holy cannoli” means. We’re heading up into the mountains to introduce you to the world’s best cannoli + a special tour of the pastry shop that ships its cannoli shells all over the world. After the world’s most delicious breakfast, we’ll introduce you to our wine producer friend Massimo who will let us taste his delightful Sicilian wines and prepare lunch at his beautiful country estate. 

We’re taking to the sea today to get acquainted with Palermo’s gorgeous coastline while we enjoy a little spaghetti and wine on board. We’ve got a special happy hour planned at one of our favorite Palermo wine bars.

Explore every last nook and cranny of your new favorite city. We’ll enjoy a special behind the scenes in our friend Fabio’s kitchen at one of the hottest restaurants in the city. We’ll also enjoy our special farewell dinner here.

Let’s enjoy a last cappuccino and cornetto together before we say arrivederci. Transfer for Palermo airport leaves at 9:00am.

Who's leading this adventure?

I've been traveling to Sicily for over fifteen years. I made some travel fumbles early on but have now perfected the art of enjoying the island like the locals do. My passion is creating one-of-a-kind, "trip of a lifetime" trips so you don't have to waste your valuable vacation time making any of the same mistakes I did.

I'm joined by my right-hand man and husband, Benedetto ("Benny" for short) who was born and raised on the island, continuing to live there until our move back to the States in 2009. He is our resident foodie and wine aficionado, making sure that our guests' bellies and wine glasses are full of the best Sicily has to offer.

And in May 2018, our newest tour guide Enzo joined the team. He's the absolute life of the party, but (let's be honest) mostly sleeps on the job. 

Who this trip is for.

Who this trip is not for.

  • People who value quality over quantity.

  • People who love to eat food and drink wine.

  • People who are looking for a unique travel experience that gives a glimpse into how Sicilians really live.

  • Easy-going people who love to have fun.

  • People who love to explore on their own.

  • People who want to see as many destinations as possible in one single trip.

  • People who are expecting white-glove service, 5-star hotels and a personal concierge.

  • People who have a bad attitude, aren’t fun to be around, and like to travel by a hard and fast, minute-by-minute schedule.

Have other questions to make sure this trip is right for you?

Check out our F.A.Q. or feel free to email us at


What's included {sample}.

  • 5 nights in a fabulous 16th century palazzo in Palermo (accommodation is in a shared room - 2 people - with private bathroom, if you're coming solo and would like a single room, please let us know. We can accommodate a limited number of single occupancies for an additional fee).

  • Transfer from Palermo airport.

  • All ground transportation.

  • All breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners.

  • Entrance fees to monuments.

  • Transfer to Palermo airport at 9:00am on day of departure.

  • Any excursions or experiences specifically included in the itinerary.

Not included: airfare to Italy, travel insurance, or anything else not specifically mentioned under "What's included".

*Itinerary is subject to change and substitutions.


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