Fall 2020 Preview!

Palermo Food Tour

The dates: October 2020

The highlights: our home base will be Sicily's capital, Palermo, and our mission is to eat all the delicious food the city has to offer!

"Isole Eolie" by Gi@nni B. is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

"The locations, accommodations, restaurants and wineries are spectacular!!
I am still on my trip and am already looking forward to

my next one with Sicily South!"

Join us for a trip where you only have one job: to eat.


Our home base is Palermo, where we’ll stay in centrally-located, beautiful accommodations, close to everything worth eating. 

This is a unique trip, open only to 10 guests. We keep the group small so we can give an authentic glimpse into everyday Sicilian life.

Visit Palermo's vibrant, historical markets, enjoy a cooking class, eat ALL THE FOOD, and drink ALL THE WINE with us!


Registration will be opening soon!

If you want dibs on a spot or two for our inaugural Palermo Food Tour,

fill out our form below!

(This in no way obligates you to participate in the trip.)

Who's in charge here?

We are!

I'm Sarah Cate and that handsome, "make you an offer you can't refuse" type on the right

is my Sicilian husband Benedetto (Benny for short). The littlest one is Enzo, who joined our team in May 2018.

We work tirelessly to create spectacularly authentic experiences for our Sicily South travelers.

Our knack for hospitality and insider knowledge combined with the expertise of local providers is our secret sauce.

Benny, Enzo, and I, along with a local guide, will accompany you on our adventure!

Have questions? Check out our FAQ or email us at travel@sicilysouth.com!