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Our favorite travel tips: finding cheap airfare to Europe

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

One of the most important details standing between you and an amazing Dolce Vita Sicilian Vacation is ... Your flights! While we don't book airfare for our travelers, we are more than happy to spill the fagioli with our favorite tips for finding cheap airfare to Europe, so you can be on your way (hopefully to Sicily with us) with cheesy grins like these!

Fare notifications First and foremost, find yourself some flight tracker sites and apps you like, and set up alerts for your dates of travel and departure cities. We personally love Google Flights and the Hopper app if you have a specific time of year and destination in mind. Hopper has led us to snag some fantastic deals all because the alert comes straight to your phone so you can’t miss it. Plus, they'll tell you if you should book now or if they expect fares to drop in the future. If you take a little time to set up your profile in the app on the front end (with traveler and credit card details), you can quickly book your airfare directly in the app. Our best travel tip Our travelers fly in and out of either Palermo or Catania. Now we know you’re an intelligent, well-traveled adult, but in case you’d like our strategy for traveling to Sicily, we're going to share it with you. We like to wait for the best deal to get me from the US to Italy (usually Milan or Rome) and then use one of Italy’s low-cost carriers to get us to and from Sicily. Example: One of our fare alerts came through and we were able to secure round-trip tickets from Atlanta to Rome for $445/person on British Airways. We then booked tickets from Rome to Palermo, and then Catania to Rome on Ryan Air for less than $100 total. This also makes it easy to do an overnight (or longer) in either Rome or Milan (which we would suggest if you do book tickets like this).

Be responsible Please keep in mind, however, that if you split up your tickets in this way and you miss your flight on one airline due to delays on your previous flight with a different airline, the airline is under no obligation to rebook you on another flight. As a quick reminder, Sicily South highly recommends that you purchase travel insurance as we are unable to assist with refunds for airfare or any other travel expenses you incur outside of what is included in your Sicily South trip fee. Now, go forth and fly internationally!

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