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Dressing for Sicily

We get a lot of questions from our travelers on the ever-important matter of what to wear. While we provide our travelers with a more detailed packing list for each trip to help them pack in a fraction of the time and travel with less “stuff”, here's a little overview of some things to keep in mind as you start planning out your packing list.

Fancy for fancy’s sake. If you’ve researched European trips or have been on one before, you’ve probably heard or witnessed that in general Europeans “dress up” more than Americans.

This is all true. Americans do tend to be the most casual bunch in the room, but the most important thing we want you to keep in mind while contemplating what to pack is that you should absolutely wear what makes you feel most comfortable.

Trying to “blend in” and ending up with pained feet because you went with those beautiful but impractical shoes will not give you the result you ultimately want: a great vacation.

If you know that sneakers are the only way you’ll be able to keep your feet happy during our trip then by all means, wear them!

New vs. Well-loved.   Along those same lines, we would also recommend not wearing any piece of clothing or (especially) shoes for the first time during your trip.

Tempting as it is to try out brand new pieces while traveling, you can’t be 100% sure of how they’ll wear or how comfortable they may be all day long. Your best bet is to bring pieces from your tried-and-true, “sure thing” wardrobe on your trip.

Dressing for the Season.  We're based in the southeast United States so we're no stranger to odd weather. Just when we think our springs have fully given over to summer, we’re hit with an unseasonably chilly day more reminiscent of November than of May. Of course the same is true of our autumns, and Sicily is very similar in this regard.

When we travel to Sicily in the Spring and Fall, we typically bring a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals, light short-sleeved shirts and sweaters, jeans and a couple of dresses. Temperature appropriate mid-season attire is hard to gauge no matter where in the world you are, but packing with layers in mind is always best practice.

You should also keep in mind that as a rule of thumb you will be responsible for handling your own luggage to and from our bus. We do our best to help and the staff at our accommodations are always helpful, but in a pinch you should be able to manage your own suitcase. 

Bottomline: this is your trip - wear what you want! We want you to enjoy it the best you can! And a big part of that is feeling physically comfortable during our days together.  

PS - if you're interested in packing in just a carry-on for your adventures, check out this blog post for tips!

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