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Che bella la Sicilia!

We returned last week from a gorgeous week + in Sicily. Coming back to hot and humid Tennessee makes me miss those mild, arid days all the more.

We learned some very valuable things during our stay and were reminded of a few past lessons as well. We thought we’d share them with you (hover or click on photos to see descriptions and additional images):

A mamma’s kitchen is the ONLY place you want to be on Sunday afternoon.

Having an old friend who is an executive chef at a fantastic restaurant in Palermo is a good kind of friend to have.

There’s no terrace like a rooftop terrace because [the view from] a rooftop terrace doesn’t stop.

Making friends with an honest to goodness Marquis gets you a special look into his family’s home-turned-hotel (...and if you’re lucky - lunch at his restaurant).

You can never, never, NEVER have too much gelato.

Business meetings that end in sommelier-led wine tastings are the best kind of business meeting.

When the only question asked upon entering a certain pastry shop bar is “How many [cannoli]?” you know you’re in the right place.

You never ignore the words “custom made shoes” when in Italy.

Sometimes the most magnificent things in life come in the plainest of packages.

You never cut dinner with old friends short - even if you have to get up at 4:30 to catch you taxi to the airport.

Never underestimate the power of truly “getting away”... far, far away.

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